Nine Reasons French is the Language of Love.

The almost musical melodious flow of the French language is enough to melt hearts everywhere; this is why French considered the language of love and romance. Simple and even words unrelated to romance like ‘Mon soufflé’ which just means ‘My breath’, can cause a flutter in the heart, heads to swoon and knock women off their feet. Might be a little exaggerated but, if simple words can have that effect, imagine what actual romantic French words can do.

We think it is the most romantic language ever, you might think otherwise, oh well, we give you the 9 reasons why French is the language of love.

rose1. French expresses love.
French is considered the best language to express love, endearment or affection towards the one you care about.
2. French is like music.
French has the quality of sounding harmonious, extremely pleasing to the ear. Its fluid and its almost musical nature have the power to calm in the right situation.

3. French is smooth.
French is a smooth language to speak and does not have very harsh sounding words. By this, it is considered by most the easiest language to learn.

4. French is Art.
French is connected to the artistic side of humanity, be it Art, food, wine, fashion, etc. This is because the French are considered to be more liberated in many things especially the Arts and in the expression of love. Their language helps bring a certain flair to everything.

5. French has flair and is intimate.
The smoothness and flair of the French language in the verbal and non-verbal communication aids courting behavior between individuals perusing love interests, who use it to declare feelings of love and intimacy.

6. Even foreign historians dig it.
It is a very distinguished language. Russian writers in the end of 18 century wrote in French because the prestige and the nobility is an asset that speaks about history with a little poetry.

7. French has an amazing variety of accents.
French is the official language of more than 29 countries throughout the world and is the second-most widely spoken first language in the European Union. The colonial history of France has helped spread this language throughout the world and has led to a wide variety of charming and unique accents and dialects.

8. French is popular.
Phrases most translated into six European languages online – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian – 34 of the top 1,000 translated into French are about love.

9. French is descriptive.
The French language contains many nuances used to describe emotional and sensational expressions. Although French’s vocabulary expressions are fewer than English ones.


French is a beautiful language that can be used at any point in time. Are you interested in honing your language or romantic skills? French is a great language to start with. So tell your friends to tell their friends, at Laclic Services, you get personalized French tutoring that will match your schedule, location, and linguistic goals, while providing optimum service. Start today and get your French groove on. Oui Oui!


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