The Best Boutique Hotels in Lagos

I hadn’t even heard the term Boutique Hotel until I started working in the hospitality industry. At first, I thought it was just a fancy word. Something Nigerians coined to make their establishment seem more ‘tush’ than the others. But then, with time, I came to realize that Boutique Hotel is actually a real thing. Not only that, there are a number of Boutique hotels in Lagos that do not have that in their name, like The Tranquil Mews Boutique Hotel, Abuja, but by design and every other standard, they qualify as a boutique hotel.

So what makes a hotel a boutique hotel?

I researched a bit and found out that there are certain distinctive qualities that make a hotel a boutique hotel. Even when a hotel do not meet all the criteria, if it does possess some of the most basic functions and features of a boutique hotel, then it fits to be called a boutique hotel.

Some of the defining characteristics of boutique hotels are that they are not owned by hotel chains. Boutique hotels are very individualistic operating of their own accord and inclination rather than projecting the image of a renowned hospitality brand.

Another aspect of Boutique hotels is that the design and architecture are very modern, simple, sophisticated and unique. The designs both in and out, that is the interior design, as well as the architecture of the building, is usually characteristically artistic, stylish, elegant with each room having its own pattern, decoration, ambiance and feel.

Boutique hotels are also located in upscale regions in a city. Boutique hotels cater to the rich, the classy and the wealthy. To cater to this clientele, it is only reasonable for it to be located in the exclusive areas where the rich and wealthy buy their real estate. Hence, in Lagos, you would find Boutique Hotels located in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki.

A remarkable trait, perhaps even the most important thing about Boutique Hotels is the service. They are personalized and come with an extra touch of individuality allowing guests to make requests as to their special needs for the duration of their stay. Boutique hotels would allow you bring in your pet, give you access to the library, prepare a special spa for you among several other services that you can get. Staff would call you by any name you chose to be called, you could request for custom toiletries, basically you get bespoke hospitality.

Another thing about Boutique Hotels is staying through to the culture and heritage of its location. It does this by sourcing and buying materials that are locally made. This is reflected in the restaurant menu as well as the interior design of the rooms and the spaces in the hotel.

Also, Boutique Hotels are usually small. Which is where they got their name in the first place. Rooms of Boutique Hotels are small but adequately utilized to give you that homey, and welcoming feel. A room in a Boutique hotel makes you feel like being in the embrace of a loved one. There isn’t much room to roam around, but ultimately there is no place else you would rather be.

Boutique Hotels in Lagos

Having known what a Boutique Hotel is, what are some of the Boutique Hotels that we have in Lagos? Here are some of the best boutique Hotels in Lagos.


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