The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in Lagos. Check Out Pictures and Prices

Hotel rooms hold some of the finest displays of wealth and luxury. Lights that go off when you clap. Beautifully designed room decors. Walls holding unique pieces of art. Chandeliers dripping of heavenly light. The finest satin and silk sheets. 300-year-old mahogany bed frames. The list goes on. And some people really love the expensive. Even when they cannot afford it. But they will window show and browse still. It is also aspirational for them. See the way Nigerians shout “30 Billion for the akant oh” when that part comes on. For those who can afford it, expensive means quality, the best of the best, luxury and class. Whatever side of the divide you belong, we have curated 10 of the most expensive hotel rooms in Lagos. Note that these prices are for the most expensive suites and rooms in the hotels, the mentioned hotels have rooms whose rates are lower than this.

  1. Presidential Suite, Oriental Lagos Hotel, Lekki 500,000 NGN

  1. Presidential Suite, Sheraton Hotel Lagos, 480,000 NGN

  1. Two Bedroom Apartment, Federal Palace Hotel & Casino 390,000 NGN

  1. The Executive Suite, Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi. 372,980 NGN

  1. Penthouse Suite, The George Ikoyi. 330,000 NGN

  1. One Bed Room Deluxe Suite, Intercontinental Lagos Hotel 322,000 NGN

  1. Executive Suite, The Wheatbaker, Ikoyi 387,000 NGN

  1. Ilerimi Presidential Suite, La Campagne Tropicana Resort Lagos, 226,200 NGN

  1. Presidential Suite Protea Hotel Ikeja 151,500 NGN

  1. Premium Suite Eko Hotel 145,000 NGN

The most expensive hotel rooms in Lagos are also of hotels rated between 4 and 5 Stars. Some of them like Protea, Intercontinental, Federal Palace Hotel and Casino among others are managed by International Hotel Chains. Booking these expensive hotel rooms and suites also comes with complimentary packages such as airport pick up and drop off, complimentary champagne, complimentary breakfast, access to spa and other such services. The prices are usually subject to change without notice, but usually they maintain the same range. A change in price wouldn’t even make these hotel rooms suddenly cheap or affordable.

Where would you want to spend this weekend if you could afford any of these hotel rooms?


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