Traveling by Road in Nigeria: These Safety Tips Could Help

Road transport is the most common form of transportation in Nigeria, it is cheaper than air travel, and rail transport is all shades of messy. Bus parks are extremely popular. Especially in city centers like Lagos. From Ojota to Yaba/Jibowu to Oshodi and Iyana-Ipaja, there are inter-state bus parks. If you are not driving yourself, across states, and across rivers, these safety tips might be great for you to adhere to.

If possible do not travel at Night.
A lot of people, especially business travelers find it convenient to travel at night. Road travel in Nigeria can take an average of 9 hours from point A to point B. Except if you are visiting surrounding states. For this reason, many are avowed to spending an entire day just traveling, and would rather say goodnight Lagos, Good morning Port Harcourt. While this may seem smart, and time-saving, it is also risky. Circumstances might leave you stranded in the middle of the night and in the middle of nowhere. If this happens in the day it is easier for you to navigate your way around or to seek for help.

Patronize Big Transport Companies.
Big transport companies like God is Good Motors or ABC Transport takes greater safety measures and service delivery process compared to smaller or one man transport companies. Big transport companies install speed limit devices on their vehicles and have monitoring mechanism in place for their drivers and vehicles, unlike smaller companies. This means that traveling with bigger, well-established companies would guarantee a better road travel experience.

Let your Next of Kin know you are traveling and the contact on manifest should be accurate.
We often fill manifesto forms when we travel, but I have personally seen people fill their own contact numbers instead of their next of kin’s number. The purpose of asking for a next of kin’s number is to have a contact person to reach in case of an emergency. Be safety conscious by filling the correct next of kin details.

Be familiar with stop over motels and hotels on your route.
If you take route regularly, become familiar with places to eat, and motels and hotels that you can stop over in the case of an emergency. This would help you know what direction to head in the case of an emergency where you need a place to stay for the night rather than being entirely at the mercy of locals.

No radio silence.
It is important to be in constant communication with someone when traveling. This could be someone you are heading out to meet or someone you are just leaving. Once when I traveled a lot I would text the name of every major town we entered to a friend who knew I was traveling. Switching off your phones while on a trip isn’t a smart travel move as far as safety is concerned.

Travel Early.
Also in line with not traveling at night, it’s also necessary to travel early. You would get to your destination early barring a hitch, and if there is one, you would still have more time left to spare, if a bad tyre or traffic jam gets in the way of your average trip time.

Also, don’t tell your Village people when you are traveling. Wink wink.


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