Tips for travelling this Easter

Easter is the holiday most anticipated from the beginning of the year. We love our breaks. From the moment we resume back at work in January after the New Year, we begin to ask our Muslim friends when the next Muslim holiday holds, and we begin to calculate how many weeks left till Easter. Easter is finally around the corner, and if you blink you would find yourself making last minute plans and traveling in a rush that could see you have a not too pleasant holiday period. If you are traveling from a big city like Lagos, you know too well how travel during the holiday season can be. Between booking hotels, arrangement for flights or bus tickets, packing, and seeing and doing all the things you need to do, what do you need to do to ensure a hitch free Easter?

Plan now. Book Early.
Plan your itinerary right away. In fact, grab a pen and do it now. Know exactly where you are going, how you will get there, where you would stay, where you would eat and whom you are visiting.
Don’t leave spending to a ‘pay as you go’ system. Know exactly what you would be spending money on and plan accordingly. Don’t leave anything to chance. Budgeting would help you stay within reasonable expenses and ensure that after the holiday you don’t go right back to being broke and borrowing to survive until the next payday.
Take advantage of Discounts.
Holidays are some of the best times to shop or travel, this is because retailers take advantage of the season to clear out old stock, or beat down the price to increase higher sales numbers which in turn increases turnover. So if you would be buying gifts for folks, or for yourself, look out for discounts on hotels and flights or bus tickets.
Ask for Extra Days off from Work
Now we know we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off during the Easter Holiday, but is it really enough? Especially if you are traveling a great distance or if you haven’t seen wifey and the kids in a long time. Asking for a couple of days off might do the trick for you. Sometimes, they key to having things go your way is by simply asking. Talk to your manager, or head of department or HR, explain your situation and you would be surprised that you could be getting two days off work simply because you just asked.


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