Hotels with the Best Buffet in Lagos

Foooood. Glorious Fooooood. Hot sausage and mustaaarrrdddd.


Those are lyrics from the song Food, Glorious Food from the official soundtrack of the Oliver Twist movies. If you love food as much as I think you do, then like the title suggests you want to know the hotels in Lagos that serve the most sumptuous and amazing buffets. This is important because it would help you inform your choice of selecting a hotel to stay in while on business in the city or while simply on a leisure trip.

Southern Sun Ikoyi

The Tsogo Sun Group Hotel describes its buffet as generous and outstanding dining. Brunch comes with champagne. And I think the prices are decent too.

Breakfast Buffet  (Non-Resident) : N8000

Buffet Lunch      N9500

Dinner Buffet     N11000

Seafood Dinner  N12000

Sunday Brunch  N12500


Radisson Blu Anchorage

The Radisson Blu Anchorage is one of the more popular destinations for brunch buffets for families and friends. I really can’t count the number of times I have double tapped on pictures proclaiming loudly how delicious brunch at Radisson was. It is especially pleasant because of the views of the Lagoon it offers.

Sunday Brunch Buffet N10,000


Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos

Intercontinental Hotel Lagos, offers great tasting meals its Ekaabo Restaurant. The restaurant offers 24-hour dining with a cuisine that includes Italian, Chinese, Indian and Nigerian.

N20,000 for two persons*

A persons review put the price at this, could not find the price from a verifiable source. I’m just wondering why it says N20,000 for two persons and not just N10,000.


Eko Hotels and Suites

Eko Hotels and suites have the most extensive and detailed buffet offering. You can find all of it here. Prices are per person but you would have to be part of a group of 40. Makes sense if you want to do a small wedding reception or birthday party.

Breakfast: 6am – 10am
Lunch: 12pm – 4pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm

Peep some of their Buffet offerings and the prices below. Like I said It is really extensive and detailed, this is just a scoop of some names and the prices without what each buffet contains.

Africana                               N6,200

Buffet Atlantic                   N7,500

Buffet Kuramo                  N7,200

Buffet Eko                           N8,900

Buffet Presidential          N8,900

Buffet Pacific                     N8,500

Continental-Nigerian      N7,500

African Nigerian Magic   N8,900

Viva Mexico                       N9,000


Protea Ikeja

Protea Ikeja like much of the Protea Hotels in Nigeria are currently being managed and taken over by BON Hotels, a South African Hospitality group. This hasn’t changed their offer of excellent dining and buffet. If you have business in the Ikeja axis, Protea is a great choice for the rooms and services as well as for the food.

Buffet Breakfast               N4,800.00

Buffet Lunch                      N5,000.00

Buffet Dinner                    N5,800.00


Sheraton Lagos Hotel

Sheraton Lagos Hotel offers amazing buffet and dining at its Crock Pot Restaurant. You have to call to make a reservation and know the prices though. For those lodging, a buffet breakfast is available, in some cases it could come free depending on your room and if you booked during a promo.

Breakfast Buffet N4,900


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