5 Things to do for Valentine this Year

Sniff Sniff. Love is in the air. And so are romantic gestures. Shopping for gifts to make that special someone feel really special. Dressing for the occasion. And a general ambience of mellow and mosh. Even single people can hardly escape it. If you have no one to spend the day with your network provider is likely to send you an unsolicited text. Last last our network is bae.

But for those of us that are really doing this, here are some great ideas on how to spend this love celebrating day.


Runaway with your lover. Seriously, take a trip to a different city entirely, travel and enjoy the scenery of beautiful landscapes across the country. Meet new people, when they ask about you tell them you are running away with a princess whose father won’t allow you marry her and you want a place to build her a castle so she can continue to be the baby girl princess that she is. Let wanderlust drive you and your lover into the arms of new experiences.

Book a hotel room. But that’s not the catch. Have a small band of Violinists play at the lobby for her. Or in front of your room. If your room is on the ground floor, this band could play behind your room window while you pop open a bottle of wine and feed her chocolates. Just like in the movies. Really, just like in the movies. On the side Jumia Travel is giving 50% off on hotel deals this Valentine Season, don’t dull.

Propose. But only in public if she doesn’t mind. And if you are more than certain she would say yes. By now you would have already chosen a beautiful ring, hint at her getting a manicure and getting her nails done. Prepared a little speech. And rehearsed getting down on one knee while fireworks lit the skyline behind her.

Rent a Limo for the Night. If you think restaurants and hotels are two mainstream, an idea is to rent a Limo for the night. Stock it with your favorite drinks, order Chinese or sea food or something fancy. Get a great romantic movie you know she would love, and her favorite songs on a playlist. Map out a route and let the chauffeur take you both out for a ride through the city.

Curl Up with the LOYL and watch Champions League Football. Sometimes simple can be amazing too. A great idea is to curl up with the love of your life in your hotel room, feeding each other seedless grapes, or chocolates, or guguru and epa and watching the Champions League football on TV.


What are your own ideas? Share with us, won’t you?


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