Falling in love

Once in a lifetime it was not,

Over and over in love did I fall.

The heart it grasps like an arm,

Subjects the mind to its charm.

Just like a victim I was stuck,

Blissful Half the time, based on luck.

Even the mighty, to it succumb,

All body parts can it make numb.

My best and worst days from it did it come, 

Each time I had thought I found the one, 

Alas I fooled myself many a time.

For I was on to the next in the twinkle of an eye,

Not that my first or second didn’t give me butterflies, 

But I may have to reach a seventh before I get it right.

If I ever want sweetness that comes with pain,

All I have to do is fall in love again, 

For, to get to its point of distinct beauty ,

Most certainly will rear a head of sheer cruelty.

It’s description,  infinite 

You wouldn’t know till you live it.



  1. abstract yet so real
    the feeling; surreal
    can’t place a face yet call it blind
    little wonder its hard to find

    Nice one ma’am

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