*Dont touch*
Dreaming soooo much that I can’t sleep, 

When I speak people say that I’m too deep…

It’s my sleepless nights that mix my meagre words,

Stories to be told, glory to behold.

A night like the rest I thought “don’t touch”,

Deep down my heart some wisdom I sought.

Hereinafter I came up with this; 

for whom it is meant, do decipher it.
He says lift your skirt, I just want a sketch,

She says Mr X, “I’m but a little girl”.

He doesn’t listen,then he starts to flair, 

now this little girl is already scared

I’m up 2am to write down her horror 

Hoping there’s less cases each day till it hits the curb.
He’s a fine boy, girls be tripping

The cougars, so eager, are always a-fishing. 

Fine lady who’s older starts to find him,

Overpowers the young one, defiles him.

Mrs X exists as Mr X does,

Fewer cases tho, but there’s still a cause 

Chase not after him,force not against his will,

For it may weaken and damage the strongest mind.

Think you can hide? Its a big fat lie

Search for peace in your sleep, you wouldn’t find.

Words would keep this ringing if you strike again,

Don’t touch him, Don’t touch her, don’t touch.



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