MUSIC: Jay’Oh – Book Of S.A.M (E.P/MIXTAPE)

Three years after dropping his first demo, including a year of tireless effort in the production, recording and generating ideas with musical geniuses both inside and outside the studio, Jay’Oh is back with a “Body of Art” titled “Book Of S.A.M”.

Book Of S.A.M is a mixtape/EP featuring 12 tracks with the infusion of “Hip-Hop, Afro hip-hop, Afro-pop, House-rap, and Experimental-rap”. This masterpiece was made with the soul-purpose of transcending ones feelings into the world of sounds. It cuts across the “Everyday Emotions” we feel, emotions such as “Love, Aggression, Joy, Faith, and Hatred” and is highly criticized for the messages it passes on.

This work of art talks about “Fate, Religion, Rebellion, Happiness, Dedication, Hard work, Persistence and most of all Patience” and encourages us to stay true to what we love most with the hope of reward at the end of the tunnel. Guest appearances from Kursor and Whales Clarke amongst others make a deservedly worthwhile listen.

The mixtape features original songs and covers (Samples of other artists’ works like Sam Smith, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Euphonik, Lil Wayne, Reminisce, and Macklemore), this is one tape we all should listen to…

I give you Jay’Oh Book Of S.A.M (Scars & Memories), do enjoy!!!

You can follow him @jay_ohva on instagram and @jayohva on twitter.

Download FULL Album here


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