Travel Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

A great part of traveling, equally as wonderful as the entire experience, fun and adventure is the thrill of returning home. And perhaps what makes it as great, is the joy of having you back and the excitement of what you brought back for your loved ones. Let’s not even play, Oyoyo is not to be joked with around these parts. If you aren’t thinking about it broadly enough you are probably thinking what more is there to take back home aside from chocolates and biscuits? On the surface it seems great but then it is so cliché and doesn’t well represent and bear memories of your travels and adventures. Chocolates and biscuits are too easily consumed and forgotten about.

So what travel gifts can you get for your loved ones?

Before I ramble on about that I would also do well to reverse the positions and suggest gifts to get for your loved ones who love traveling.

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Gifts to Buy When You Travel

These could be a local piece of art, a hand-made craft, a framed picture, a t-shirt bearing tribute to the city or town you visited anything that serves as a memorabilia of your adventure. Paintings. Wood and metal work. Bronze work and a ton of others that your loved one would be excited to receive.

From a local author. Or a language book of the region. Even a recipe and cookery book too would be great. It carries the country or city you visited through those pages to the laps of who you gift them to.

As long as it is well preserved and won’t go bad before your arrival, local delicacies that are well packed and sealed can make great travel gifts. They are remarkably different from anything else that can be gotten from the local store and would tell the person more about the place of your visit than chocolates and biscuits would.

And paper currency if you would. But coin collecting is a hobby for many for a reason. A collection of coins from your several countries of visit from the Nigerian Kobo to the Russian Ruble.

There are still unrepentant romantics who fancy postcards. You can get them customized to add a personal touch and it would remain appreciated for a long time to come.

Your Travel Memoir
If it is robust and rich and filled with heroic stories of saving a baby deer from a marauding lioness in the Safari, a travel memoir could make a great gift.


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Gift Ideas for Travelers

If your significant other or sibling, friend or colleague absolutely loves to travel, any one of these gift items would be great for them.

All the memories they would create with every snapshot they take would be grateful to you

There is nothing that is as essential for the serial traveler as a backpack that can take in their most important items as they set off on another adventure. Get them something rugged well designed with lots of spaces. You would have their heart forever.

A little bit old school, especially with mobile devices coming equipped with maps and applications that give directions. But a compass is still a serious traveler gear and the Christopher Columbus in him would thank you.

Hotel Reservations
Hotel reservations can also make an amazing gift item for the perpetual traveler. If there is a loved one you want to surprise, book them into an all-expenses paid weekend at a resort near them. The Epe Resort and La Campagne Tropicana are a few in Lagos that you could take advantage of.

Travel Mug/Food Flask
To store water and food in, an essential travelers item that cannot be rated enough.

Power Bank
Surely they would need to power their mobile devices away from their hotel rooms or whatever accommodation they are in while on their adventure. Personally I would love this.


This list is by no means exhaustive. There are lots and lots of items a person can still get when coming back from a trip or for a loved one who loves to travel. Headsets, easy wear slippers, neck rests, traveling suitcase, bracelets and lockets, the list is endless. The trick might be to check the stores in and around the airport before departure as well as local markets, arts and museum centers, local online stores. If you are not buying you could make them. How? Let’s say you travel and visit the Coffee Bay, Wild Coast in South Africa, gather some sea shells, get some paint, do your best impression of Picasso and there, you have a collection of specially painted sea shells as gift for your friends.


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