FEATURES: (EP.1)Random Thoughts by IHCEGO (@sisioge1)

As part of Our Drive to deliver content that will inspire you, we introduce “Random THOUGHTS” by IHCEGO a series of inspiring words that touch on various issues that we are faced with. Including relationships, Love, Failures etc. Enjoy this piece and expect more weekly here on SAUCENAIJA.

I’m not leaving  I’m just saying goodbye
Here we are giving up. 

Time apart is not to plan for the end,

Lest the wind blows and our roof flies off.

You light me up inside,  it’s effortless to smile,

When times get rough I let that be my drive.

Life, in circles does it go, 

Tempestuous relations have all shown.

No exception are we, so I take a cue.

Time and time again is a healer above all,

leaving it and my prayers to the work. 

Standing close by waiting for when Destiny’s done debating,

If we definitely were an intent, in place will fall all that is meant.

Goodbye’s aren’t the saddest , they could serve as the harness.

Sometimes , necessary and possibly temporary.

So you’ve still got me unfailingly.

For I’m not leaving , I’m just saying goodbye.

By IHCEGO follow her @sisioge1 on twitter and @ihcego on instagram

Enjoy and share 


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