MUSIC: Omarion – It’s Whatever

Omaron presents “It’s Whatever” tp celebrate him adding a new age. It captures the typical R&B vibes of Sexplaylist singer. But with another year of age under belt, he offers a more mature take on his life. The single reflects on how much has changed for him in a year. Regardless of a different mindset and place in life, I can still see Omarion serving up his same dancing abilities to every bump of the beat. Check out the track for yourself:


And what would a present be without some type of card. Here’s one courtesy of Omarion that you should actually read and not just throw away:

 “As we close out the year I wanted to take some time to thank every fan that’s ever supported me & followed my journey since day one. You all are the reason for everything! & without your support we’re nothing. There’s so many REASONS why I’m here today. There’s so many reasons why I still do music. There’s so many reasons why they counted me out but none the less I’m still here…..chillin.

This is my experience from age 14 to 30. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be dropping a new project early next year titled “Reasons” & I am confident that it will be well received like all my previous work. Up to date you guys made my 2015 smash “Post to be” ft Chris brown & Jhene Aiko 3 X platinum!! & for that I’m grateful. 🙏🏾.

I’ve grown in so many ways & this is reflected in my music. I can’t wait to share it with you all. Usually on 11/12 I gift you all with the “Care package”. But because I’ve been focusing on preparing a full body of work for you. The mixtape shop is closed. But since it’s my birthday I can do what I want. So…”

“It’s whatever”

Sincerely Omarion


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