Hotel Stays are Awesome and Here is Why

Beyond the necessity of staying in them while away on a business trip or on a holiday, hotel stays can be really, really, really cool. And while many would say there is no place like home, luxurious hotels like the Radisson Blu or several of the 5 Star hotels in Abuja  where guests are treated like royalty would actually make you want to pack your Ghana-must-go and come live there forever.


No Chores
The great thing about hotel stays, you don’t have to wash plates when you finish eating after room service, even though I suspect that with good home training ingrained in some of you, you might be on the verge of asking where the kitchen is so that you may do the dishes. If you haven’t lived a life completely devoid of any form of chores, you should totally take a weekend off, for no reason but to experience it and enjoy what it feels like to wake up and not have to think of what to have for breakfast, vacuum or living area, or do dishes from last night.

No Visitors
Sometimes what you require is a period of absolute peace and quiet, either for meditation, relaxation or work such as writing. Hotel stays are awesome for this. No sudden visitors to distract and interrupt your sober time because they were just in the area. And if you say you aren’t home, you know you can say it with your chest without it even being a lie.

Neighbours don’t hear you scream
Errm..well you get the point, don’t you? Romantic getaways in resorts and hotels are wonderful for more reasons than one, but among them is that your neighbors do not get to hear your blood curling animal sounds in the midst of soul-snatching moments of pleasure wherein they begin to give you side-eye when they invite you to Sunday service at their church.

Room Service!!!
Especially when it is a luxury hotel that serves continental dishes and you can subject your taste buds to all kinds of sumptuous meals. Hotels go to great lengths to secure top rated chefs for their establishment and one of the reasons why is because people go to a hotel not just for the lodging and accommodation but also for the dining.

Amazing Views
Hotels are strategically built and designed to give guests amazing views from their windows and private balconies. These views usually a thing of resplendent splendor and its beauty can also be soothing and therapeutic. Which is definitely better than the view of your clothesline from your balcony.

Spas, hot saunas, swimming pools, gyms, sports court, internet access, and  the long list of amenities offered by 5-star hotels can be endless and they make a great attraction to hotels and resort


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