NEWS: The Haunted Mass Grave Tube Stations London Is Trying To Hide

London’s tube system is one of the oldest networks in the world, and there have been many reports of ghostly happenings surrounding it for years. However, these stations are more haunted than others and for some reason, London Transport is trying to cover it all up, perhaps due to reports of some London tube stations being built over mass burial grounds filled with the corpses of Great Plague victims…number 12 will scare your pants off if you plan to visit London soon…

Covent Garden 


As if Covent Gardens huge winding staircase wasn’t enough to put you off travelling by about the thought that the famous station is said to be haunted by the ghost of one William Terris! Many independent witnesses have reported sightings of a tall man in a hat, coat and gloves stalking through the dark tunnels of this station with one report sighting him in the staff rest room! He is believed to be the ghost of a murdered actor ( Terris ) who used to frequent a bakery on The Strand close to the site, which was knocked down when the station was built.


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