NEWS: Christina Millian reveals favorite sex position with ex-Lil Wayne


Music singer Christina Milian has shockingly revealed the position she enjoys sex the most.

During an interview with Power 106, the singer/actress was asked about her favourite sex position with her ex Lil Wayne. Christina Milian didn’t hold back as she said that she enjoyed the doggy position with Lil Wayne.

“I’ll keep it one hundred. Face down, ass up!” said the singer. She answered the question in order to avoid paying $100.

When asked about the current status of her relationship with Lil Wayne she said it is complicated.

“It’s a real tough balance doing these interviews because I don’t want to be fake, but the fact is Wayne and I have to figure out where our relationship is” she said.

In May, she got a tattoo of Lil Wayne on her arm. The reality TV star claims it’s her first ever tattoo with someone’s name on her body. Her tattoo reads ”Love hard T n T” which means Tina n Tunechi – the couple’s nicknames.

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