Awesome Honeymoon Destinations in Nigeria

So you liked it, and you put a ring on it. Awesome. Congratulations on getting married, soon-ish. Now for perhaps the first step in the series of a very memorable journey for you both, your honeymoon. I have always wondered about the origin and real meaning of the word Honeymoon, but rather than bore you with my findings after a bit of research I’d just say it refers to ‘the first month’ after a wedding. First month. An entire month guys, not one brief weekend spent hurriedly gulping food, skimming beaches, taking couplies – that’s selfies for couple-, checking in and out of hotels and back at work on the Monday after your wedding. So if you have to do your honeymoon, its best you do it right and trust me, there’s no better way than taking the entire month off doing nothing but feeding your better half grapes and making babies all the time enjoying the luxury of choice hotel destinations and tourist attractions in your favorite cities. And more making of babies.

So because we know the options are inexhaustible, and if you could you would spend your entire life on one long never ending honeymoon, we put together a quick list of top Honeymoon Destinations. This recommended by our happily married friends who have explored some of these places, others by awesome event and vacation planners and others still by starry-eyed, dreamy romantics like myself.

Yankari National Park
The Yankari National Park is one of the nations jeweled tourist and vacation destinations and an ideal getaway for Honeymoon destinations in 2016. The entire park measures about 860 sq miles, and aside from the host of flora and fauna it plays host to, it also has the Wikki Warm Springs that runs through it. The Wikki Camp is the accommodation wing of the park and has a variety of suites ranging from luxury and exotic Presidential Suites to the Youth Hostel. Wikki Camp also has a range of restaurants and bars as well as a museum that displays stuffed game from hunts in the park. What makes the Yankari National Park an ideal honeymoon destination in Nigeria? You know when Bruno Mars said ‘you and me baby, making love like gorillas…’, yes, that.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Used to be known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch, and sometimes still called that is nestled at the top of the Sankwala Mountain 1576 meters above sea level offering a very temperate climate that is suitable for hiking, camping, vacationing and leisure. The resort provides luxury rooms such as the Presidential suite to affordable accommodations built in circular African hut patterns and chalets for an entire family. Restaurants offer international and continental cuisines. The resort also boats of a 9 hole golf course where golfers can take a swing on at their leisure. The high point for many is the cable cars that lift guests from the base of the mountain to its top offering a breathtaking and serenading view on the way up. Packed your bags? Confirmed your reservations? Don’t forget your camera, you’ll be freezing lots of memories while you are up there.

The Whispering Palms Resort
Tucked away on the outskirts of Lagos in Badagry, The Whispering Palms Resort and embodies the definition of serenity. Situated in over 8 acres of land just beside the Atlantic, The Whispering
Palms is awash with breeze, sand and sun dotted beautifully with palm trees. Accommodation at the resort cover both ends of the spectrum with luxury and high-end rooms and suites available as well as cheap and affordable rooms. If you think looking at the sea and playing in the sand are all there is to the Whispering Palms aside from chasing your partner round a palm tree recreating Nollywood movie scenes, think again. A zoo and an art gallery are also on the premises offering guests and honeymooners a break from fawning over themselves.

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort
Built in the serene community of Ikogosi, named after the warm and cool springs that simultaneously flow side by side, the Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort is a tourist haven and an amazing honeymoon destination in Nigeria. The natural beauty of the landscape is a sight for sore eyes, enchanting and at the same time breathtaking. The waters of the swimming pools are directly channeled from the spring source. Accommodations are luxurious and classy, such as the Deluxe Standard room that has its own private balcony and the Executive lodge that features a dining area and a portable terrace. The resort has two revolving cocktail bars and 4 restaurants. Airport pick up service is also available on request.

Kajuru Castle
Built in 1989 by German architect, Kajuru Castle in Kaduna is a medieval styled luxury villa. A mix of architectural grandeur and a magnificent display of nature the Kajuru castle is built on ground encamped by mountains and hills, as the castle offers an amazing view of the idyllic village of Kajuru naturally fortified by the mountains. Rooms are designed like dungeons and the swimming pool is made of stainless steel. Because it is essentially a private property, residence in the Castle is self-catering. It makes an ideal honeymoon destination if having a castle to yourself and your knight in shining armor is your dream honeymoon.

Kamp Ikare
Only accessible by boat 25 minutes from Victoria Island, Kamp Ikare offers amazing twin views of the Atlantic Ocean in front and the Lagos Lagoon behind. A self-catering resort, Kamp Ikare offers aquatic sports and various camp activities that allow its guests to engage and socialize with each other, and if you are on your honeymoon, what better way to enjoy it other than in the presence of other newlyweds. Scouts and guides are available to take guests on tours to the neighboring islands of Ibeshe and Ilashe. Rooms are exquisitely designed, beautifully adorned and furnished, the perfect getaway for a honeymoon in Lagos.

La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort
Located on the coast of the Atlantic on one side and sharing the boundary with the fresh water of Ikegun lake, La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort is the getaway destination for honeymoons that dreams are made of. Luxury rooms encased in beautiful African designs, the beach resort offers an experience that is better lived than described. With 29 exotic chalets and specially designed suites built on trees and suites built on water, La Champagne is wonderful honeymoon destination. Activities on the beach resort include quad biking, swimming, water volleyball, table tennis, basketball, snooker and board games. The restaurant offers a mouth-watering cuisine of international and continental dishes. Room services also come with a great massage offering that would leave you relaxed and feel brand new.

Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort

Beautifully adorning the city of Uyo, capital of Akwa Ibom state is the Le Meridien Ibom Golf resort a playground for businessmen and executives taking time off work, and vacationers basking in the warmth of the Ibom sun and taking in the lovely sights and sounds of the city as well as love drunk newlyweds on their honeymoon. The golf resort is built atop of a ridge that offers an astonishing view of the rain forest that extends to the mountains in Cameroon. Rooms speak luxury and opulence, treating guests to comfort and a lifestyle they could get used to. E resort boasts of a Rotunda bar, a night club, a piano bar that plays live music and jazz. With 24 hours room service, you are sure to be adequately catered to in an experience that would make you never want your honeymoon to end.


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