Travelling in Nigeria on a Budget

A bird has gotta fly.

Recession or not. What is a traveler like you going to do? Travel. You have no choice really. What it now behooves you to do is to find the means to travel on a budget.

1. Book Online. The benefits of making bookings for your flight, bus or hotel stay online can not be over emphasized. You stand to enjoy special discounts rates that are available and save time. And if the old adage that time is money is true then booking online and saving time would invariably save you money too. God is Good bus service offers 10% off rates when you book online.

2. Screen and Substitute. So you want to go skinny dipping in a pool on your trip to Enugu, What you can do is check in at the Vinbecca Hotel and Bar which is less than N5,000 per night and a great hotel to spend your stay in the city despite the lack of a swimming facility, and then when its time for your body to wade in the sun reflected waters of the city, take a walk down to The Gate Luxury Apartment sit at the pool, snap your fingers at the waiter to get you a drink, and swim till the sun goes down.

3. Travel during the off Season. Avoid traveling on long weekends. By that I mean weekends that have public holidays attached to. Avoid traveling during any holiday period at all. If you must, make your bookings early enough. Transport services, hoteliers and the likes usually take advantage of cashing in during this period against a long period of lull.

4. Don’t travel alone. Traveling with a partner helps split the cost. Hotel rooms especially. No, you cannot lap your traveling partner from Lagos to Abuja, haba

5. Use available public transportation. While in the city of your destination avoid the temptation to go about in a cab or Uber. Hear that sound? That’s the sound of hard coins dropping onto the pavement every time you hail a cab. Talk to locals, ask for directions, enter a bus, or ride a camel if you are up north. You account balance will thank you.


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