On The Edge Episode 1: 


I remember that day, mum came into my room very late. I was already dozing off but sat up in alert when I saw her worried look. “Mum what’s wrong! ?” I asked scared that something had really wrong  and then she took my palms in hers ” Jen Hun you know that since your dad passed away things have not been the way it was and your fathers brother’s have neglected us even after taking control of his companies  and you know I had to go back to working at the hospital to provide for us but we can’t afford you and your brothers school any more so will have to change to a less expensive private school ”  I hugged her with tears swelling in my eyes ” mum it’s ok I understand  am in ss3 anyways it’s just a year”

It’s been almost three years since that day and am now in my first semester 100 level studying mass communication in uni lag . I was at first going from home but I was constantly getting home from 8 to 9pm daily. Mum was worried since too much stress could mean falling ill for me .

Mum decided it was better I got an accommodation . After lectures one afternoon I was rushing to d bustop because it was about to rain but before I could get there the rain started and within two minutes I was drenched, all the places that could shade me from the rain were filled with people so I decided to keep going just then a Honda car sped past splashing dirty water on me I stopped took a look at my now dirty clothes I felt pained and was almost in tears I didn’t even realize the car had stopped and reversed and was now parked . He came down and approached me and said “am so sorry please forgive me ” I couldn’t look @ him Feeling that he might notice the tears in my eyes, I didn’t even remember that the rain was still pouring ,all I could say was “it’s fine” then he said ” please let me give u a ride to where u are going ” surprisingly enough I didn’t hesitate. We walked back to car, he opened d passenger door  for me and went back his side and began driving. I noticed this time he drove with care. That was how I met Tade Johnson. Tade was charming, he literally swept me off my feet little did I know his charms was only on d surface………..

To be continued next week Friday.

Written by Bimpe Oshunkoya


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