Short Story: On the Edge coming soon 

We are starting a new short story series written by Bimpe Oshunkoya. Its titled “On the Edge” below is the summary. Enjoy and make it a date every Friday for each episode.

Oluwajenrola  David(Jenny for short) a sickle cell had always been shielded and pampered by her very wealthy parents. Her mum a nurse ( blinded by love ignored the obvious chances of her having a sickle cell child) her father the CEO of Dave floor mill. She was much of a loner and had no steady friends except her mum and younger brother . She pretty much lived a good life and childhood, little did she know that her life was about to change a year after her father died . Her uncles took charge of her fathers company and hardly remembered to send money to her mother for their up keep . Her mum went back to work and she and her brother had to change school . Her once good life became a life ofstruggle survival and stigma

Make it a date every Friday.


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